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 Your partner in the world of electrical-technology

You need it and we are here for you


The history of the company and its activities dates back to 2008, when the founders worked together on their first projects in the field of "ELECTRO". As a result of the expansion of the service portfolio and expansion, the business was transformed into a global D-SET brand in 2012, where S:E:T captures the areas of our business, namely Systems, Electrics and Technologies.

Every year we work for our clients on a number of projects with regard to customer satisfaction and quality of service. We have taken our place in the world of electronic systems and installations thanks to our maximum customer orientation, the benefits of good services and our pricing policy. The company is aware that the company's success is built on the trust and satisfaction of its clients. Employees abide by a code of ethics that emphasizes professionalism and willingness in relation to the customer. Our goal is long-term client satisfaction, not immediate profit.

Providing advice in the world of systems is not just for businesses or entrepreneurs, but also for individuals and households who want to consult on everything about wiring and electronic systems. Our staff is ready to advise you on how to plan installations, how to realize and manage your projects. You need and we are here for you and therefore we are your partner in the world of electro-technology.

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